Quay on the Beach

Sunglasses: Quay // Swim Top: Victoria Secret (similar)

Missing the sand & this sun!! ☀️ I still can’t get enough of my Quay sunglasses. These things lived on my face in Florida, and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon! I’m also loving this new swim top…as you can see my obsession with lace up things carries over to swim wear too haha. It’s also super comfy & you don’t have to worry about it coming off or anything, so it’s good for snorkeling, cliff jumping, what have you… 😎 the tan lines might be a lil crazy tho… If you haven’t already, check out Quay. They have so many unique & trendy styles of shades for a super reasonable price.

Do any of you have sunnies from Quay? Which style is your favorite?

xx Em

(all photos are my own, photos taken by: Claire Burton)

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