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My computer situation is solved & my Hawaii photos are all recovered…thank tha lord. I’m still pretty busy, but I’m trying to figure out how to break everything up and show you guys as much as my month long trip as possible. I’ll probably show a few different sets of photos from certain activities/day trips, I have video footage & am working on a little movie, and I was thinking of doing an Oahu guide? I guess just let me know what you want to see! I stayed with my very good friends Hannah & Sam, they are siblings and our families go wayyyy back. Our dad’s are best friends & I’ve known them pretty much since birth. They lived together this summer in a house with two other roommates: Colby & Kiana, who I also became good friends with. They are all the best & I have so much love for them (especially for putting up with my ass for a month 😏)….any who! To start, I thought I’d show some photos from a couple times we went up to Mt. Tantalus. Tantalus is a neighborhood/community above Honolulu in the Ko’olau Mountains. There is an 8 mile drive you can take that loops around with various view points & hikes. It’s super pretty & the views are incredible. It doesn’t take long to get there from Honolulu at all…I was staying in a neighborhood essentially right below it, so we went up there a few times. The first time was at night & there was a super moon, which was really cool. It was raining, which ended up working out because it deterred the 5 crowds of Japanese tour buses away lol….nah, but nothing stopped us from having our own photo shoot ✌️📷 we cruised around Tantalus jamming out to Flume & then were forced to play Monopoly when we got home (hahaha love you Han!!) It was a good night. The next time we went to Tantalus was to hike the radio tower with Sam’s good friend Ben. It was short….but hard as f*ck….Han & I struggled a little bit there. Then when you actually get to the radio tower…ya gotta climb that biddy, which doesn’t seem scary…but was terrifying (felt like 50mph winds). It was all worth it at the top though! 😍🌆🌄 I hope you guys enjoy the photos & look out for lots of content to come!

xx Em

(Photos & gifs are my own // photography mostly by Sam Furumo)

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